What is blockparty?

Reclaim Your Social Network!

blockparty is a social network desktop application that lets you set up your own social network without ever touching any code. With blockparty, you can

Not another Facebook!

Unlike Facebook and other platforms, the control over your data stays where it belongs: in your hands. blockparty is dezentralized, which means all the data you share is on infrastructure that you control. This setup is the opposite of Facebook, which stores all of the data on Facebook’s infrastructure. blockparty is also encrypted, which means that communication between you and your friends is protected.

How does this work?

blockparty is an out-of-the-box solution that allows its users to easily create their own decentralized, encrypted social network and invite others to join. To us, easy setup means a setup with few technical hurdles and good usability, so that more people can join the movement to take back control over their data. We’re building this free and open source project as a community effort because we believe in non-commercial, neutral, and fair communication for everyone. Our goal is to make decentralized networks user friendly and accessible for more people, even for the less technically savvy!